Infinity Runs

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Basic Infinity Runs are made up of 2 sixty foot circles, connected by a 200 foot runway, 20 feet wide, sort of like a dumbbell. They are "Inifitely" variable.

This is our design for Infinity Runs in Austin, Texas, on a fairly long, flat and narrow three acre lot. A total of 16 full sized horses could healthfully be boarded in these four Infinity Runs.
The only run already in is the one at the top left that is designed to mimic the raised bed garden behind it. The run to the right is designed to have a training round pen near the front gate and the hot walker in the far end round pen (shown by the big X).
Each run can be added independently when time or money allow, or when enough horses are gathered to justify a new pen. There is a water line to the run that is there. The bottom of the diagram is the driveway. To the right past the cliff house is Onion Creek. The green circles are trees. The red circles in the middle are a double pond next to a hill with a fountain on it.

This is the Google Earth image. It is upside down from the diagram above, but you can see the infinity run at the bottom with the raised bed garden behind (below) it. The tiny dots are horses grazing outside the run. As noted above, this is a 3 acre lot, where four Inifinity Runs can fit comfortably. The idea is to landscape around the runs to make the whole area attractive, with hills, ponds, statuary and vegitation. Normally, if you keep 16 horses on a three acre lot, it would look like a feed lot for cattle, since they would overgraze the whole area. Our stallions are kept in the runs and allowed to graze when there is enough grass in Texas that they cannot denude it.

This is two stallions Dadan and Faddee, playing down in Texas. The photo is taken from the middle of the long run toward one round pen at the end

These are the three that we built here in Kentucky and then closed in the areas between them for a total of 5 pens in a pinch. They are exactly the same dimensions as the one in Texas, but you can see by the size of the tiny-looking horses that they are bigger on the inside than they appear from the outside.

These are actually on a fairly steep hill with highest part on the left and the lowest near the road. The horses get a lot of exercise running up and down the hills. Water troughs are at the bottom (right) and rolls of hay are kept at the top (left) so that they have to move back and forth. Horses are made to cover a lot of ground every day and are healthiest when getting lots of exercise.

This is three stallions playing in a partially completed Infinity Run in Kentucky. This is also from the middle of the long run looking toward the top round pen.

Notice that you can run a bachelor herd of stallions easily in an Infinity Run. There are no corners to get caught in if they get into a squabble, and lots of room to run back and forth. We make them intentionally curved and rounded so that the horses will have to change leads running back and forth from one end to the other. If you put a 20 foot wide path of jagged rocks across the path, they will naturally trim their own feet.

Infinity Runs
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